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Student Oaths

PAMA Oaths


I will train hard and with discipline to improve myself mentally and physically remembering the important lessons of Tae Kwon Do:

  • Respect for all
  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Self-control
  • Perseverance
  • And the Unbreakable Tae Kwon Do Spirit



I will be an example to all of goodness and honor, becoming a champion of freedom and justice.

I will use my martial arts properly to help those in need and I will never misuse my training.

I will build positive habits and attitudes in myself, and by doing so create a more peaceful world.

UMAC Oaths

Recite at Bow in only*

  1. HANA: I shall observe the tenets of taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit.
  1. DUL: I shall respect my instructors and fellow students
  2. SET: I shall never misuse taekwondo.
  3. NET: I shall be a worthy representative of United Martial Arts Center.
  4. DASOT: I shall strive for self-improvement and will always be eager to learn.

Dragons & Ninjas Oaths

*Ages 3-6 years old

  • (PAMA) Face the flags
  • (UMAC) Look parent/guardian in the eyes, and repeat the following:


  1. I will obey my parents.
  2. I will clean my room.
  3. I will wear my seatbelt.
  4. I will brush my teeth.
  5. I will do my homework.
  6. (UMAC) I will always use good manners and be kind to others.
    (PAMA) And I will use good manners.
  1. Yes sir / yes ma’am