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What Should You Do If You or Your Child Wants to Quit?

There will come a time when you or your child says, “I’m too tired to go to class today.” This is a critical point in training. This is a teaching moment about follow-through, commitment, and the “never quit” attitude.

For your child: Don’t be concerned about “pushing it on your child.” Children wouldn’t go to school, brush their teeth or clean their room if you didn’t “push it on them.” There’s a big difference between helping a child follow through on a goal they agreed to and force-feeding something on a child.

Agree with yourself or your child on some short-term goals such as a green belt or brown belt with the understanding that you will persevere until the goal is achieved. The real goal in training should be a black belt attitude, but until you’ve had a chance to really understand what it takes to earn a black belt, it’s best to set a more reachable goal. Once determined that the black belt is the goal, commit to it with full enthusiasm.

However, it’s unrealistic to expect a child not to, at some point, rebel against the effort. This is natural and should not lead to quitting. Quitting can quickly become a bad habit. Facing these types of challenges is part of the training inherent in Martial Arts.

How Can You Motivate Yourself or Your Child To Continue?

Staying with a goal is an integral skill that has to be instilled by the parent. This is the very foundation of goal setting and achievement. The world is full of great starters. Teach your child that it’s the ability to set goals and see them through to their completion that’s most important.

When you’ve been attending with your child and know exactly what’s been happening in class, you can help re-motivate your child by reminding them of how much they have enjoyed the last class and they can look forward to seeing their friends. You can always talk to any of your instructors who are available at any time to motivate to encourage you one-on-one!

Remember, even our Black Belts wanted to quit at some time! That’s right – but they didn’t quit, that’s why they are Black Belts!


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