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Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art that originated in Japan and then
migrated to Brazil in the early 1900s. Once in Brazil, the art was adopted by
the Gracie family, who made modifications so as to suit more modern-day self-defense situations. In particular, the emphasis was placed on ground
grappling. The idea being that if facing a bigger, stronger, and more
athletic adversary, they can be more easily controlled on the ground. Once taken
down, their physical advantages are severely diminished, and they can be
forced to submit through a variety of submission holds.

OUR INSTRUCTOR: We teach Brazilian jiu-jitsu straight from the source. Professor Cram is a 3rd-degree black belt under Rigan Machado, who is the nephew of the Founder of the art, Carlos Gracie.

Classes Offered:

Adult BJJ – pure technical jiu-jitsu instruction.

Adult BJJ no Gi – pure technical jiu-jitsu instruction focusing on situations without the traditional uniform. (Offered at the Centennial Location only)

7 am drill class – more basic instruction coupled with motor movement drills
designed to enhance skill acquisition. Great for beginners and those looking to get a light workout. (Offered at the Centennial Location only)

Kids BJJ – fundamental jiu-jitsu instruction and motor movement drills for kids ages 4-12.

Family BJJ – pure technical jiu-jitsu instruction in a setting where kids and
adults can train together.