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About Kicks

Our Focus/Philosophy

happy kidWhen we teach martial arts, we use the punches and kicks as a vehicle to help our students develop a positive mental attitude, so that no matter how hard things get, no matter how many mistakes they make, or how challenging the training sessions become, they never give up! Our classes will teach you and your child how to look for the solution to every challenge and work to achieve it!

Martial Art Styles

martial arts stylesTae Kwon Do / American Karate These arts are the “traditional” aspect of our program and are one of the best ways to learn to focus your mind and demand perfection from yourself! Boxing/Kickboxing These two arts are by far the most practical for defending yourself outside, but also help get your child in great physical shape, are easy to learn and super fun to train in!! Weapons In case you have to ask- no the weapons are not real!! LOL! These weapons are crazy fun for the kids and can keep them occupied for hours – even more than video games!! Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & MMA What you already know is that learning how to properly defend yourself on the ground is must- but what you might not know is that these arts are unbelievably fun to do and awesome for getting into great shape!