Belt Testing Information

Belt Testing are every 2 months! Testing requirements include:

1) Meeting a minimum number of classes attended.

2) Respectful attitude in class, home and school.

3) Achieving required physical proficiency for current belt rank.  14 stripes needed (8 for dragons).

Dragons, Ninjas (Purple & Below) & White Belts (7 yrs +): Dragons, Ninjas (purple & below) & White Belts (7 yrs +) will test about every 12 classes for a new belt rank (Dragons after 8 classes). They test in class as soon as they meet the testing requirements. All belt tests are conducted by our professional Black Belt staff.

Ninja (Purple & Up), Yellow & Orange Belts (7 yrs +): Ninjas (purple & above), yellow belts and orange belts (7 yrs +) will test for a new belt rank at a formal testing which are scheduled about every 8 weeks. Students must meet the testing requirements. All belt tests are conducted by our professional Black Belt staff.

Intermediate & Advanced: Purple Belt & Above (7 yrs +): Intermediate students will test about every 2 months for a new belt rank. They will test at a prescheduled pass/fail test with Master instructors judging them. Testing requirements include:

Advanced: Cho Dan Bo & Black Belts (10 yrs+): Cho dan bo and black belts have their own special testing. Testings are every 4 months and you only test for your next degree of black belt when you have gone through the 16-week candidacy program and have enough bo stripes. A black belt needs a certain amount of bo stripe tests (amount depends on their degree) before they are eligible for their next black belt test.

What if I can’t make the test date?

  • Private Test – Additional fee     
  • Makeup Test – Additional fee


  • Ninja, Dragons and WYO: $30
  • Purple, Green and Blue: $35
  • All Brown Belts: $40
  • All Red Belts: $45

***Belt fees can change over time. Card on file will be charged after test

STRIPE SYSTEM: Each belt level has seven key areas: You need 2 of each color to test for the next belt (Exception: Dragons only have 8 stripes and meanings vary slightly to fit their curriculum)

  • RED STRIPE: Sparring/tag pull
  • WHITE STRIPE: Self defense
  • BLUE STRIPE: Basics & forms
  • BLACK STRIPE: Kicks & board breaking
  • GOLD STRIPE: Pad drills
  • BROWN-STRIPE: Verbal Judo/Bully Defense/Event Stripe
  • GREEN STRIPE: Home help

Ying Yang striping – The first stripe is to show that the student has successfully demonstrated the technique in class. The stripe on the other side of the belt means they are proficient to test.