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All fitness levels are welcome.

We offer boxing, cardio kickboxing, and Muay Thai boxing! Any of these martial arts are great ways to get in shape while learning great technique and self-defense skills! Our program is overseen by certified Black Belt Master Level Instructors who truly care about your technique and safety. We will help you properly get into shape while teaching you basic self-defense and martial arts skills.

Our kickboxing classes will help you burn fat (up to 800 calories per hour) and tone your muscles! All muscle groups are worked with resistance training, focus mitts and bands, pads and paddles, Heavy bags for added resistance work, and more!

You’ve heard of HIIT training? This is it. HIIT while Hitting It. High-Intensity Interval Training in Boxing/Kickboxing is just ONE of the things we do in our classes and using interval training since 2002. We love it!

Every class is different and fun and includes not only HIIT workouts, but Tabata, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and more! Kicking and punching to music…keeps you moving and gets you in shape FOR YOUR LIFE.

Kickboxing is proven to be one of the fastest ways to burn calories, increase lean muscle mass, rev up your metabolism, increase fast-twitch muscles, increase your energy!