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Online Taekwondo Classes

One bright side to the pandemic is it inspired us to create a complete and awesome online training program so that you can get a full martial arts training experience from the comfort of your own home! We now have a ton of online tools and resources, including a complete online schedule so that you can train anywhere anytime.  

Zoom Online Training Program:

We have an incredible ongoing online training program via zoom in which you can participate in classes with Master Nick every week! We mail you a belt and uniform, send you the zoom links and you train from home and progress through the ranks! Our zoom classes are capped for individualized instruction and have gotten hundreds of 5-star reviews! The program is only $49 a month (2 classes per week).

ABOUT THE CLASSES: This is an extremely fun and active class for kids to learn kicks, punches, blocks, self-defense, and the basics of taekwondo! Master Nick is very high-energy, engaging, and great at what he does!  Join us for a fantastic class not only learning martial arts but also respect, listening skills, balance, and other important life skills!

Melissa B
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My son is 4 and thought this class was amazing! The instructor kept the kids moving and engaged the entire class! While my son struggled a bit during his first class, I think overall experience of following directions, high energy movement and engagement, and positive reinforcement helps him enjoy it.
Tracey L
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The teacher made a point to include each student. He was able to teach them in a way that they felt excited about the techniques even through a virtual session. He encouraged the students while relating to how they think and engage in the world. We would definitely take another class with him.
Yu D
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My daughter fell in love with Taekwondo after the first class.
Ali B
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Master NIck was great! He engaged all of the kids and made it so fun. We will be in attendance again, highly recommend.
Tammy K
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This is my son's absolute favorite class on Outschool. Master Nick is amazing with the kids!
Melissa B
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Master Nick is the perfect instructor and my son really enjoys the class! He is engaging and complimentary of all of the students. He provides constructive feedback which helps develop student form and creates games and activities that revisits the skills being taught during class. I highly recommend this high-energy class!
Christine P
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Great class. The instructor had my kiddo giggling at several points and just seemed like fun. She definitely got good exercise too and I like the affirmations and explanations I heard about the purpose of taekwondo. We sampled a few karate classes and this is the one we liked best. We are looking forward to more classes.

Full Online Youtube Classes (Pre-recorded):

During the pandemic, we recorded every class we taught online for each belt rank and several styles of martial arts! There are hundreds of classes to choose from for every level and age, covering all the curriculum. Each class is high energy and fun, complete with a warmup, fitness & stretching, curriculum, and a fun game or activity at the end! Click the links below to get the playlist that fits the class you want to do!

Step-by-Step Curriculum Tutorial Videos:

If you are confused by any of your curriculum or have questions practicing at home, we have the answer for you! Our step-by-step curriculum tutorials are straight and to the point to help you master everything you need to know before your next belt test! We have the curriculum for each belt rank listed out on pdf documents in addition to the full video explaining each step!

To access the videos you must be a current student and have a student portal login – learn more about the portal here.

For help logging in or to get a student portal login please email

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***All times are in MST


  • Ninjas and Dragons (4-6 Years old) – 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM

  • White Yellow and Orange Belts (7+) – 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM

  • Purple Belts and higher (7+) – 5:30 PM to 6 PM


  • All ranks – 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM


  • Ninjas and Dragons (4-6 Years old): 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM

  • White through Black Belt (7+): 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM