Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Parker Academy of Martial Arts is in Parker Colorado across the street from the Parker Post Office behind the AMC Twenty Mile 10 Parker movie theatre and a few blocks south of the Parker Field house (18632 Pony Express Dr., Parker, CO 80134, Bld 103)
  2. United Martial Arts Center is in Centennial Colorado near Littleton across from the Streets at South Glenn (across University from Snooze) in the Cherry Knolls shopping center near Arapahoe and University. (6810 S. University Blvd. Centennial CO 80122).
  3. Kicks Martial Arts is in Aurora Colorado off of Smoky Hill Rd. and Chambers Rd.

No, on the contrary, martial arts teaches self–control and discipline first and self-defense second which will teach your children how to properly use their training and never misuse it. They will learn to defend themselves in case of a dangerous situation however, they will also be taught to deescalate and avoid situations so that it does not come to the point where they need to use their training. We will teach them how to respect everyone in and out of the studio that will in fact keep them from punching, hitting, and kicking their parents, siblings, friends, etc.

  1. Colorado Alliance of Martial Arts Centers is a big school with a small school feel. What we mean by that is we have been around a long time (since 1997) and have found the best ways to train students into becoming the best they can be. We have a big community however, the way we interact with our students and care for our students, you would never know we are a big school! Our instructors know everyone by name and we are a big family that cares for each other! Our students still get individualized attention and we have enough black belts instructors and assistants to make sure everyone gets the attention they need to grow into the best versions of themselves!
  2. Not to mention we have NO CONTRACTS, flexible schedules with classes 7 days a week, great family pricing, variety of classes and class sizes, and the best quality training available!

Yes, taekwondo will help your kid succeed in school! Martial arts teaches discipline, respect, routine, balance, and focus. All these traits from taekwondo will help your kid focus in class and get better grades! We have had several comments from teachers that their best most well-behaved and determined students have been martial artists from our school!

The answer is yes! We have had several glowing success stories of children and adults with special needs including autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Down syndrome, OCD, PTSD learning disabilities, etc. who have had life-changing improvements from doing martial arts! Martial arts has a repetitive and structural nature that demands concentration that forces coordination of the attention centers in the brain which in turn helps to channel negative energy and deal with their disability in a healthy way while gaining balance focus, increasing self-esteem, coordination, self-defense all while having fun.

“My child has struggled with disabilities his whole life and had never been able to tie his own shoes or tell his left from right. After a few months at PAMA, he accomplished both of these and I attributed this amazing achievement to his taekwondo training!” — PAMA Parent

We have several pricing options depending on which program and which membership option you choose – they range between $79 – $149 monthly! As a family run business, we believe in family pricing – affordable for the whole family to train together.The 2nd family member is discounted and anyone else in the family that wants to train is only $5 a month. Click here to see our full pricing.

You can see our full schedule under the About Us tab of our website, on the Pricing & Schedules page. For children 3-5 we recommend once a week to prevent burnout. 5 years old and up we recommend twice a week, however, we also have programs where you can come unlimited times a week! We have flexible schedules with classes 7 days a week!

We are very active on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube! Stay up to date with everything going on in the studio, upcoming events, last minute weather closures, event photography and more! For more information visit the Social Media page under the Let’s Get Social tab for each individual school.

Yes, you can, it is encouraged in fact! We will give every friend a free 2-week trial with the 5thmonth free! In addition, just for referring a friend, you will get a month of free tuition for each friend that signs up!

  1. One major way to help us out is to share your positive experiences and give us honest feedback! We hold a survey twice a year and are constantly working to make sure we provide an excellent and safe place for people to train. If you ever have questions or concerns or have feedback to give, please email You can also give us a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Nextdoor, etc. sharing your experience. You can find the links to these sites by visiting the Review Us page under the Let’s Get Social tab on each schools site. Additionally, bringing friends to class helps us grow our school!
  2. You can also help by donating to our nonprofit charity ‘Friends of PAMA’ This is a charity we created to raise money and donate to causes that us and our students find important! We have already donated thousands of dollars to Children’s Hospital Colorado, Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association, suicide prevention, feeding the homeless, building schools in Africa, helping students afford tuition and sparring gear, and more! Click here to visit Giving Back – Friends of PAMA page to donate! Help us help the world!

Yes, we do offer private lessons! To set this up please call the front desk to book a time and instructor to work with! (303) 841-0515.

We are Kukkiwon certified through the World Taekwondo Federation. This means our black belt awards are processed through Korea and recognized throughout the entire world. Although our main discipline is Taekwondo, we also offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Combat Hapkido, yoga, cardio kickboxing, and self-defense seminars.

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