Greg H./Red-1 Belt

Greg has worked very hard to get all his skills & knowledge of the rank to be able to move on to the next level.

Rob H./Red-1 Belt

Rob is very eager to work towards his Black Belt. Rob has learned and mastered his skills and knowledge to get to the next level.

Reid P./Blue Belt

Reid continues to advance his martial arts study going to 8 classes/week including ninja demo team and Combat Hapkido. He has been adding to his overall martial arts skills with the addition of weapons training in BBC which he enjoys. We are very proud of him.

Patricia C./Purple Belt

Patricia has been working so hard at home, school and at Tae Kwon Do. She takes her work seriously and strives to do better all the time. We are confident that she is ready to take her next step towards Black Belt!

Regan R./Ninja Yellow

Regan has worked hard at home during summer break to apply her new knowledge of perseverance to her life. She never gives up on a challenge and thinks through how to make it happen. Regan has accomplished a lot things this summer like being kind to her sisters and helping Mom do dishes.

Lauren P./White Belt

Lauren has worked hard to achieve her goal for earning her yellow belt. Her behavior and attitude is positive. She offers to help out more. She looks forward to coming to class.

Tiago J./Brown-black

We’re so proud of Tiago and his continued commitment to TKD. He’s dedicated himself to earning his red belt, and beyond, and we highly recommend him for passing to the next level.

Robert H./Brown-1

Mr. Robert has a passion on anything the boys are part of. Even when sore and achy, he still keeps up with class and practices at home when possible. He has shown great knowledge of the current level and is ready to be promoted to the next level.

Rob H./Brown-black

TaeKwonDo has provided Rob some of those tools to obtain and retain focus in anything. Rob is very passionate about his TaeKwonDo class and has shown great improvement and dedication to be promoted to the next level.

Joey P./Red

Joey continues to progress in his skills as well as becoming very confident in himself. Joey looks forward to each and every class he attends as well as learning the difficult techniques to the skills he has gained. He has learned dedication, discipline, and respect. It’s been a great experience having him in this program.

Joe K./Brown-1

Joe has been working very hard and has begun to understand the importance of practice and working hard. Mom, dad, and your brother are very proud of you. Keep up the hard work, remember to have fun and you will achieve your goals.

Derek L./Red-black

In addition to his daily school obligations, Derek has been involved in many other activities including soccer, swimming, music, and TaeKwonDo. He continues to impress us with his focus, positive attitude, patience and “no fear” attitude. We believe he has tuned these qualities while attending TaeKwonDo as we can see them displayed in his daily life. We cannot be happier to see him excelling at all he attempts and believe he has earned the opportunity to test for his next belt.

Chase B./Red-1

We are extremely proud of chase. He has worked hard to be ready to test for his red/black belt. Chase is extremely responsible and he takes all of his commitments very seriously. He has taken on significantly more responsibility at home, and is setting a great example for his sisters. Chase is very committed to getting his black belt, and we are impressed with his ability to manage school, TKD and swim team, all with a smile and a great attitude.